Onyx Lee

22 year old female 5'8", athletic build, very well armed, dresses in fashionable black, always in clothing it is easy to move in and a fashionable jacket that hides many of her weaopons.


Onyx Lee

High Concept:
p. Ninja on a mission
h4. Trouble:
p. Did you hear that?

Other aspects:
Don’t tell a soul
Knives against injustice

h5. Great: p. Fighting
h5. Good: p. Shooting, Stealth
h5. Fair: p. Athletics, intimidate, investigate
h5. Average: Notice, Burglary, Will, Physique

Called shot
(shooting) see page 125

Ninja Vanish
(stealth) see page 126

Stupid Balance
(may be renamed to something niftier) (athletics) +2 when applicable

Close at hand
You can bring your weapon to hand faster than the eye can track. If the difficulty of overcoming an aspect of Disarmed or similar is Fair (+2) or less, you may overcome it as a free action. If the difficulty is higher, instead gain +2 on the roll to overcome that aspect. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, §6.15.3)_

Physical and mental stress of 3.


Approximately 24 years ago, the youngest son of the Empress, the one not noted for his mental stability was sent away for a “rest cure” deep in the mountains of his home planet. While there, he had an affair with one of his doctors, a woman most inappropriate for marriage. She wasn’t even appropriate as a concubine or mistress, being of a common background from an insignificant planet. When the Empress found out, she sent her assassins after the woman, but the good doctor escaped off-planet into obscurity. A month later, she discovered she was pregnant.

Alone in the world and deadly afraid, she decided the best thing to do was give the baby up for adoption. She signed the papers, never holding her child or knowing the gender.

Reiko Sano, wife of the notorious Ichiro Sano, adopted the young girl and named her Onyx. She calls the Sanos her uncle and aunt.

Reiko and her husband, Ichiro Sano raise female orphans to be covert agents. The agents are loyal to him and Reiko first, their sister agents second (identified by tattoos on the inside of the left wrist) and to their employers third. Onyx grew up specially trained with the sword and throwing weapons, though she also has some skills involving infiltration and investigation. A serious young woman, she rarely thinks about her origins, though she has a plain platinum cuff bracelet that is inscribed on the inside with, “love always to Isobel, Simon.” The bracelet is kept in her room at the Sano’s Academy for Women.

The Sanos sent Onyx to Sanctum to get a feel for the people’s outlook. Should they commit to helping one side or another, or simply continue hiring out his agents to the highest bidder? As Onyx was on her way through Eladonia, she found her access to her credit accounts mysteriously cut off. She had a few left in another account, but not nearly enough to continue her journey and she used them at the card tables, but quickly lost. A dashing gentleman named Cameron Blaine caught her attention and she struck up a friendship with him. He won her the money handily, and if he cheated, she couldn’t tell.

Onyx boarded a ship bound for Sanctum. Unfortunately, a few days out, the ship was hijacked by space pirates as they had been transporting a priceless collection of jewelry, The ship is mostly unharmed, but is stranded for a few days while the engines are repaired.

Onyx Lee

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